It just is.
Just like existence.

We can focus on the entire process consciously. Or we can allow the process to go completely unnoticed. It occurs entirely on its own as an expression of our vibrant physical body. Breathing occurs without our focused effort. It's performed as a simple state of ease because we are alive, just like our heart beat. We don't have to force, think, analyze or know anything to make it so. We just breathe, as a newborn does as it takes its first breath out of the womb.

In the same way, life, energy, experience & existence just is. We can be aware of our internal state of being. We can be aware of what we express & create outwardly into the world. We can focus on the entire process consciously. Or we can allow the process to go unnoticed by our conscious awareness & instead automatically react to life's circumstances unconsciously. Our focus can be on whatever we so choose within the entire process. This is our most intrinsic power, our individual Power of Choice.

Each of us are infinitely powerful creators, creating our entire experience of life already. If we are unaware of this intrinsic power we all naturally contain, our creations may seem less than desirable. Sadly, for many individuals, life so often feels excruciatingly painful.

Manifesting the life of our dreams means we consciously manifest our physical experience to match the fulfillment of our innermost desires. Absolute balance, unwavering peace, effortless ease, sacred connection, passionate expression, vibrant wellness, clarity, freedom, wholeness, grace, compassion, joy, reverence, bliss, abundance, vitality, security, wisdom, excitement, empowerment, purpose, playfulness, happiness & creativity are all states we can cultivate & nurture within our experience, if we so choose. Of course all the not so pleasant ones are possible too, as I'm sure we're all quite aware. The Infinite Power of Choice is ours, & ours alone.